• Global Medical Information Content Lead, Pasteur,…

    Sanofi Group (Bridgewater, NJ)
    **Job summary** The Global Medical Information Content Lead, Pasteur, PPH/ Dengue serves as a member of the Global Medical Information (GMI) content team and ensures ... the quality and integrity of responses provided to health care professionals and patients. The position is responsible for writing and reviewing of global medical information content under the direction of the Global Medical Information Content Head, Pasteur.… more
    Sanofi Group (05/12/18)
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  • Lab Manager Assistant

    University of California (Berkeley, CA)
    …and Vaccinology, which works on the virology, immunology, pathogenesis, and epidemiology of dengue and Zika viruses using in vitro systems, mouse models, and studies ... in human populations. Dengue and Zika are major public health problems worldwide,...Nicaragua as long-term partners in a region endemic for dengue . The main purpose of the position is to… more
    University of California (05/17/18)
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  • Research Assistant

    George Washington University (Washington, DC)
    …immunology and virology experiments in the context of HIV-1 and/or flavivirus infection. The individual will conduct experiments under the direct supervision ... of the Principal Investigator and will also receive mentoring and direct guidance from the Principal Investigator in order to advance their career in academic research. Responsibilities include: * Provide assistance to Postdoctoral scientists and Lynch lab by… more
    George Washington University (05/12/18)
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  • Research Scientist 1 (Diagnostic Immunology)

    New York State Civil Service (Albany, NY)
    …Nile Virus, or Chikungunya IgM, capture ELISAs, Luminex assays ( Flavivirus microsphere immunoassay, Arbovirus microsphere assay), arbovirus and tickborne pathogen ... indirect immunofluorescence assays, Lyme disease ELISAs and Western blots; maintain the laboratory's test results in CLIMS; assist in the development and optimization of in-house serology assays for infectious agents; evaluation of commercial assays, and… more
    New York State Civil Service (05/12/18)
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  • Research Specialist

    University of Florida/NIH Laboratory of Infectious Diseases (Bethesda, MD)
    …to continue work on a study of the antigenic and genetic relationship of dengue viruses. The physical location of this position is the Laboratory of Infectious ... Diseases, US NIH, Bethesda, Maryland. Essential duties include: Perform and analyze assays accurately according to the Standard Operating Procedures, including, but not limited to: flow cytometry, plaque reduction micro-neutralization, neutralizing antibody,… more
    Monster (04/07/18)
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  • Research Assistant

    Rockefeller University (New York, NY)
    …studies this problem in the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a vector for Zika, Dengue , Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever. For a female mosquito to complete egg development, ... the insect requires a blood meal. Acquiring that blood from a human is an innate behavior that potentially spreads dangerous infectious diseases carried by the insect. The Lab has developed CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing tools , which allows the team to apply a… more
    Jobsflag.com (05/20/18)
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  • Seasonal Virology Technician

    HARRIS COUNTY (Houston, TX)
    …(SLE) , West Nile virus (WNV), other emerging arboviruses, such as Dengue (DEN), Chikungunya (CHIK), and Zika (ZIKA), and any arbovirus incorporated into ... Virology's testing program. **_General Laboratory Duties:_** * Media/reagent preparation, including PH determination, centrifugation, pipetting, filtration, and incubation. * Cleaning and autoclave/sterilization of laboratory glassware and miscellaneous lab… more
    HARRIS COUNTY (05/12/18)
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  • Professor

    University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
    …viruses, chikungunya virus, yellow fever virus, Rift Valley fever virus, dengue virus, human and simian immunodeficiency viruses, Francisella tularensis, and ... Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The current CVR operating budget is approximately $10 million. Learn more about the important work taking place at the CVR by visiting: www.cvr.pitt.edu. Competitive candidates must have a track record of exceptional research in… more
    University of Pittsburgh (05/08/18)
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  • Postdoctoral Scholar

    University of California , Irvine (UCI) (Irvine, CA)
    …to control the transmission of vector-borne diseases, specifically malaria and dengue fever; investigating genome-wide patterns of gene expression in vector ... mosquitoes. Michael McClelland, PhD - Genetics and Genomics of Salmonella, with a particular emphasis on high-throughput methods, bioinformatics and statistics The use of Salmonella as a delivery agent for cancer therapeutics. Prostate cancer diagnosis and… more
    University of California , Irvine (UCI) (04/10/18)
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